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Our Vision: The Northridge Schools are the heart of the community. Northridge is a place where students want to be, learning is meaningful, teaching is purposeful, and all are treated with dignity and respect. Each student attends school, experiences success, graduates, continues to learn, and makes a positive contribution to society. These high expectations are accomplished through a partnership of parents, school, and community working together.

Our Goals:
• All students performing at or above grade level in content areas as determined by state/district content standards and measures.
• A graduation rate of 90%.
• A safe environment conducive to learning as measured by the reduction in disruptive behaviors.

Northridge Polar Bear Foundation: Build a legacy of helping others while reducing your tax burden. The newly created Northridge Polar Bear Foundation is seeking contributions of all sizes to support programs, facilities, activities, and scholarships associated with the Northridge Local School District. Fund investment management for the Polar Bear Foundation is provided by The Dayton Foundation, serving this region since 1921. Here For Info.
Title 1/Federal Program INFO

Ohio Department of Education Info: Consent order for Ohio Students with Disabilities & their Parents/Guardians can be seen by clicking HERE.

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